The emergence

of a truly disruptive technology inspires change. ULTRATA’s breakthrough technology enables the economical processing of previously unimaginable amounts of data, resulting in paradigm shifting breakthroughs in business, life science, defense and intelligence. These breakthroughs can change the world as we know it.

Today’s servers, Cloud hardware and software solutions are the keys to unleashing the potential of the Big Data and Cloud revolution but today’s advanced solutions also create inefficiencies and complexities that limit application scope, size and timeliness.

ULTRATA’s breakthrough technology will leverage standard commodity servers and software to deliver orders of magnitude improvement in efficiency, while simultaneously reducing application complexity and enabling orders of magnitude improvement in economics, energy and space in this $100 billion market.

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Inspire the World with your Vision. Transcend Boundaries with your Skills.

We are growing our team of highly skilled, highly motivated engineers and technical specialists to create a paradigm shift in the management of Big Data and Cloud solutions. Our technology will massively scale for applications with extremely large data sets. If you are a candidate who is excited about becoming a technical pioneer; who wants to reinvent the world of data; and who wants to be recognized as a technology leader, please tell us about your experience and skills.

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